Party in the kitchen!

Party in the kitchen!

Every morning a little blue bird stands in the street and witnesses a huge party erupting in the kitchen of number 11. He wants to join in, but the partygoers never open the door to him. Even the owner of the house doesn’t let him in. Even so, every morning the little bird tries to get in. Will he manage to get in today? Experience the party in the kitchen for yourself, with Diana Donau’s second children’s book.


From Party in the kitchen!

When I go to school every morning,
I see a little bird on my wall.
He whistles to me as I pass him.
And he begins to call:

“Stay there! Don’t go!
Come, let’s go and play!”
But what he says I do not know.
And so I walk away.

Party in the kitchen!



A moody little bird

An adolescent girl

Five roots

Three tomatoes

Eight asparagus

A leek

Four apples

Five bananas

Two mandarins

A pear

Three steaks

A turkey


I wish

there was no

black and white

I wish

there were

no rules